Sunday, November 15, 2009

Iraqi detainee's beaten and abused by British soldiers


British soldiers forced an Iraqi detainee to wear an orange jump suit and told him that he was to be executed at the US-run Guantanamo Bay camp, according to allegations in a report today.

The 23-year-old man alleges he was beaten and sexually abused by female and male soldiers and flown to a British detention centre in southern Iraq which he believed was the "war on terror" camp in Cuba, the Independent said.

The man's case is among allegations being investigated by Britain's Ministry of Defence that soldiers tortured Iraqi civilians, according to the newspaper.

The ministry said on Friday it has launched "formal investigations" into allegations of abuse, but they must be allowed to be carried out "without judgements being made prematurely".

The Independent said 33 cases of alleged abuse had been reported, including claims of rape, the use of torture techniques and physical assault.

The man was a security guard employed to patrol streets of the southern Iraqi town of Amara, when in 2006 he claimed he was arrested by four soldiers.

He alleged he was beaten and taken to a British base in southern Iraq, where he suffered more abuse, including told to remove his clothes before a female soldier pulled his penis with force, while soldiers laughed and took photos.

"I was (later) given a dark orange prisoners outfit to wear... (which) is worn by those who will be executed. I started screaming," the man alleges in his statement.

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